For anime, for cars, for passion, and for love
These are the things that we hold up above
To decals and vinyls, from stickers to peekers
We have everything for everyone, and for those who are seekers
From the young to the weathered, we'll never forget
Between the good and the bad, with no ounce of regret
We'll stay true to ourselves, these shells are not hollow
Live the dream of the fallen and hope to those who follow
Because believing in us means you believe in yourselves
Just imagine your life story all across the shelves
Open to everyone to read as they please
With no ill-mannered thoughts nor judgements to release
That's what we strive for, that's the mission on hand
To help everyone be better as best as they can
To bring us all together, under one united cover
See each other as a family and care for one another
We'll lift each other up in this societal curve
So we get what we want, but never what we deserve
So keep a watchful eye on our legacy to increase
Just stay tuned for the future as we start with these...