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Passion, not profit...

Otakuruma was brought together as a passion project by longtime friends. Shown by our namesake (Otaku meaning fanatic, in this case anime + Kuruma meaning car) we strive to bring together the anime and car community with no barriers, no cliques, and no hate.

  • Designs For All

    Otakuruma STRIVES to provide designs for all. Whether you are looking for tasteful ecchi or dynamic action poses, Otakuruma endeavors to be the pinnacle of the one stop anime vinyl shops.

  • Immediate Shipping! Free on $35+

    No more are the days of waiting for Pre-Orders, weeks of processing, or vendor ghosting. We do this FOR the community. We want to see YOU happy with the designs on your car so we process and ship IMMEDIATELY so that the product finds it's forever home in the shortest amount of time! Also we will cover the shipping bill on orders $35+ so theres that...

  • つづく (Tsuzuku; to continue)

    The story doesn't end at checkout... Come mingle with us at events and conventions! We'd love to chat about random anime, games, waifus, husbandos, and ofcourse cars! Anything really... Show us pics of what you put the vinyl on! Tell us about your ride and future plans. We want to know! Have an event in VA or Vegas? Give us a shout and we will try to be there to hang!